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Here at Perfect Alloys, we have the facilities and equipment to help you maintain and repair your diamond cut alloys. Using industry-leading methods and years of experience, we can provide you with a quality finish and help to bring your alloys back to looking brand new.

Learn a little bit more about the entire process and see what it involves. Our team will guide you through and explain every stage, alloying you to have 100% confidence in our team.

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Diamond Cut Alloys

Are your alloys looking a bit tired? Do you want to bring a bit of life back to the look of your car?  The process involves putting the alloy onto a lathe and removing an incredibly thin layer of the alloy, taking it back down to its base metal. Once our professionals have done this they will apply a special combination of chemicals, coating and protecting the alloy from corrosion and keeping it looking fresh for years to come.

An incredible way to make your alloys truely bespoke!


  • Remove scuffs and scraps
  • Improve the look of your car
  • Instant results


Our team will inspect and clean your allow, checking if it is safe to diamond cut and making sure the results will be exceptional.

Lathe Process

Your alloy will then be placed onto our lathe, removing an incredibly thin layer of the metal and taking it to its base.


We will then coat a layer of lacquer on top of the wheel and placed into a specialist oven. This helps let the lacquer set.

Why should I refurbish my Alloy?

Most modern car manufacturers have shifted toward using diamond-cut alloys for most of their fleet. This is because of the ability to create many different designs and to apply a shiny finish. Over time these new alloys can become susceptible to corrosion because of water getting in behind the lacquer. Here at Perfect Alloys we will gentle blast off the layer of lacquer, repair any chips and damage to the wheel and reapply a layer of lacquer.

Increase Value

When you come to sell your car, scuffed and rough-looking alloys can often devalue it. Investing in refurbishing your alloy can often help to increase the value and help you get more for your money.

Improve Your Cars Look

Alloys are often the most overlooked feature on a car. When they become damaged and scuff the look can be completely changed. Our team will be able to help bring you car back to looking brand new.

How Many Times Can You Diamand Cut An Alloy?

Every diamond cut alloy is different. Our team of professionals will inspect and assess your alloy, looking for damage and seeing if diamond cutting your alloy would comprise its integrity. All of our diamond-cut alloy projects are only carried out when we are 100% confident that you will safe when driving on them.

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